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      And by my side stood officers and soldiers raging and cursing. To them came the returning men, blood running along their faces from insignificant wounds, and they bawled and bellowed, and thundered with a thousand curses that they wanted to go back and try again. How ghastly they rolled their eyes in frenzied excitement! Some pointing at me asked the officer who I was, and he explained. Then I had to listen to endless imprecations against the civilian population of Belgium, who, according to them, consisted entirely of francs-tireurs, who all of them deserved to be shot, and to have their61 houses burned down. To repeat the coarse words which they sputtered out in their rage would only cause disgust.ゥ稳ゥ�莸模鞭饱A planing machine platen, for instance, moves at a uniform rate of speed each way, and by its own motion shifts or reverses the driving power at each extreme of the stroke. Presuming that there were no examples to be examined, an apprentice would find many easier problems to explain than how a planing machine can shift its own belts. If a platen or table disengages the power that is moving it, the platen stops; if the momentum carries it enough farther to engage or connect other mechanism to drive the platen in the opposite direction, the moment such mechanism comes into gear the platen must stop, and no movement can take place to completely engage clutches or shift belts. This is a curious problem that will be referred to again.馥ちコ訾い

      These various lathes, although of a widely varied construction and adapted to uses more or less dissimilar, are still the engine lathe either with some of its functions omitted to simplify and adapt it to some special work, or with some of the operative parts compounded to attain greater capacity.ゥぅThe people had been in deadly terror, and women and old men, fearing that they would be killed, had fallen on their knees beseeching the soldiers to spare them. At present many women and old men,69 and even strong men, were laid up with violent feverish attacks of nerves.à违"Well, sir, I wanted to follow, as far as the German Authorities desire to allow it, the movements of the German armies, in order to give reliable information to the Netherland public, who take a great interest in your progress."ベゥ驻绀僻


      "Oh, go on!" I answered. "I don't think that I need fear anything of the kind. I am in any case a Netherlander!"窑�煜イAlthough I had got farther on my way than I had dared to expect, my journalist's heart longed for more. If I could get to Liège, which was said to have just been taken! But my passport stated that I was only allowed to go to Visé. I thought the matter out, and the longer I thought, the stronger became my desire to go on; and at last I decided to do it.穰

      �忾摔ぅ佶ねFirst.—The power is connected to the hammer by means of the least possible mechanism, consisting only of a cylinder, a piston, and slide valve, induction pipe and throttle valve; these few details taking the place of a steam-engine, shafts, belts, cranks, springs, pulleys, gearing, in short, all such details as are required between the hammer-head and the steam-boiler in the case of trip-hammers or crank-hammers.た抠违ゥ"We did our utmost to the last, but it was impossible to go on."い沥


      As to the shades that appear in drawing temper, or tempering it is sometimes called, it is quite useless to repeat any of the old rules about "straw colour, violet, orange, blue," and so on; the learner knows as much after such instruction as before. The shades of temper must be seen to be learned, and as no one is likely to have use for such knowledge before having opportunities to see tempering performed, the following plan is suggested for learning the different shades. Procure eight pieces of cast steel about two inches long by one inch wide and three-eighths of an inch thick, heat them to a high red heat and drop them into a salt bath; preserve one without tempering to show the white shade of extreme hardness, and polish one side of each of the remaining seven pieces; then give them to an experienced workman to be drawn to seven varying shades of temper ranging from the white piece to the dark blue colour of soft steel. On the backs of these pieces labels can be pasted describing the technical names of the shades and the general uses to which tools of corresponding hardness are adapted.圣ぅゥIt would be inferred that the arrangement of these double acting hammers must necessarily be complicated and expensive, but the contrary is the fact. The rams are simply two masses of iron mounted on wheels that run on ways, like a truck, and the impact of the hammers, so far as not absorbed in the work, is [114] neutralised by each other. No shock or jar is communicated to framing or foundations as in the case of single acting hammers that have fixed anvils. The same rule applies in the back stroke of the hammers as the links which move them are connected together at the centre, where the power is applied at right angles to the line of the hammer movement. The links connecting the two hammers constitute, in effect, a toggle joint, the steam piston being attached where they meet in the centre.ぅ帽イ

      Presuming the reader to remember what was said of steam hammers in another place, and to be familiar with the uses and general construction of such hammers, let it be supposed steam-hammers, with the ordinary automatic valve action, those that give an elastic or steam-cushioned blow, are well known. Suppose further that by analysing the blows given by hammers of this kind, it is demonstrated that dead blows, such as are given when a hammer comes to a full stop in striking, are more effectual in certain kinds of work, and that steam-hammers would be improved by operating on this dead-stroke principle.啷"Where is that knife?" Von Manteuffel asked the sergeant who had fetched my belongings.荩蟠ゥタに灵�イ芝辚珧

      �い驻キThis difference between dead and elastic strokes is so important that it has served to keep hand-moved valves in use in many cases where much could be gained by employing automatic acting hammers.ぅThird. Combination machines can only be employed with success when one attendant performs all the operations, and when the change from one to another requires but little adjustment and re-arrangement.イ醛


      The town was entirely shut off from war- and other news.ヌ�纂ぅイイ俩"Bear up, lad! Keep courage; it will soon be different."イゐ鹜

      �Цソ草衮I now come to note a matter in connection with draughting to which the attention of learners is earnestly called, and which, if neglected, all else will be useless. I allude to indigestion, and its resultant evils. All sedentary pursuits more or less give rise to this trouble, but none of them so much as draughting. Every condition to promote this derangement exists. When the muscles are at rest, circulation is slow, the mind is intensely occupied, robbing the stomach of its blood and vitality, and, worse than all, the mechanical action of the stomach is usually arrested by leaning over the edge of a board. It is regretted that no good rule can be given to avoid this danger. One who understands the evil may in a degree avert it by applying some of the logic which has been recommended in the study of mechanics. If anything tends to induce indigestion, its opposite tends the other way, and may arrest it; if stooping over a board interferes with the action of the digestive organs, leaning back does the opposite; it is therefore best to have a desk as high as possible, stand when at work, and cultivate a constant habit of straightening up and throwing the shoulders back, and if possible, take brief intervals of vigorous exercise. Like rating the horse-power of a steam-engine, by multiplying the force into the velocity, the capacity of a man can be estimated by multiplying his mental acquirements into his vitality.ゥゥ�ヒ鸺ヱそゥ