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      "I'm afraid I put you to great inconvenience," murmured the visitor, still yawning and rolling about on the couch. "The fact is, I ought to be able to produce things—but that part of me seems to have gone wrong again. I did make a start—but it was only a flash in the pan. So sorry if I'm a nuisance."堀─い预�づ钎�け蘼

      "Botheration!" ejaculated Mrs. Masters, in aggrieved tones, "now you've asked me and I've got to tell you. I wanted to keep it back. Oh, I do hope you're not going to be disappointed. I'm sure she didn't really mean it."┐UNIVERSAL HAT PROVIDERS.¥ぅ袤里"Didn't you intend to call, too?" "No," he said; yet the moment the operator turned the key in his door we sauntered away from the station, tavern, town, and out into the rain-famished country. We chose a road on high ground, under pines; the fact that a few miles of it would bring us to Squire Wall's was not sufficient reason for us to shun it, and we loitered on and on, discoursing philosophically on man and woman and the duties of each to other. Through habit we went softly, and so, in time, came up past a small garden under the house's southern side. Here silence was only decorum, for every window in the dark upper rooms was thrown open to the sultry air. The house's front was away from the direction of the town, and at a corner of this garden, where the road entered the open grove, the garden fence turned north at a right angle, while the road went on through the grove into wide cornfields beyond.丐恢


      "He asked Arthur Withers what year it was. Naturally, if he did come from the future, his first anxiety would be to know into what period of man's history he had, possibly by some accident, wandered."埭ゥイぅ前"Einstein!" The Clockwork man's features altered just perceptibly to an expression of faint surprise. "Is he already born?"げ抓郡いHe held his breath and turned his head slowly to the right. For a long time the sound increased only very slightly. And then, there broke upon the general stillness a series of abrupt explosions.タロゥてか━

      �へぅぁ�亭ヂぶゥ"If you saw him," said Arthur, emphatically, "you'd have to believe. It's just that, and nothing else. He's like one of those mechanical toys come to life. And it's so funny. You'd never guess."弛ゥ


      "My dear," he gasped, as he slid into the seat reserved for him next to his wife, "I couldn't help it. Someone stole my hat and wig."┢いト邓炬�诩樯鹰

      "Look here," he broke out, after a collected pause, "once and for all, who are you?"ぅ皮━谣Trained Midwife.耱さ欷But Gregg had the sense to admit to himself that his generalisation was no more than a faint aurora hovering around the rumoured dawn of the future. It was necessary, in the first place, to posit an imperfect thinking apparatus. After all, the Clockwork man was still a mystery to be solved, and even if he failed to justify a single theory born of merely human conjecture, there still remained the exhilarating task of finding out what actually he was and how he had come to earth.ゆゥゥ谡陇

      �钉イ�屑·铳余筏"Besides," he added, in a formal whisper, "there's the children."绚


      "I don't quite follow you," interjected Allingham."Where I come from," was the astonishing reply, "we are all conjurers. We are always doing conjuring tricks."蜕倘い工驻"Now, that's a good idea. We might arrive at something by comparison. I never thought of that." He grasped the mustard pot again and tried to arrange certain matters in his mind. "It's a little difficult to know where to begin," he temporised.槔ぅ誓做キ

      �屿搬ぴ堀せ"It's such a responsibility," said Arthur, presently. "If we were to get married, I mean. I might come home with the sack any day."妞ぅ伐长"Which is probably where he is now," remarked Gregg, with a slight bantering note in his voice.芥衰