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      �な"And that dagger too, surly knave," said the smith. "How dare ye come here armed. Go to, thou art a knave!"⒕─恁搐�盲ぁ

      "Yes," replied Richard.ぅ�ぅ难い儡ピ�瑗


      "Robin Wells!" repeated Holgrave, with a long inquiring look. "No—you are safe! I hardly think the foul fiend himself would detect you. Now I call you to mind—your eyes and mouth are little Robin's—but the brown skin and the black hair——"倘淠わ�ヅ菠え讥"Yes."瑗よ

      "What! all?" interrupted Richard.阌庭"Does he indeed hold such opinions, my Lord of Canterbury?" asked Lancaster.庭て�ぼのΔいぺ


      "By St. Nicholas!" said the smith, as he stooped to remove the pressure, while the tears started to his eyes, "this is too bad. 'Tis enough to make a heathen sick to see a christian man served in this manner. Here, father John, (assisting him to rise) take my jerkin, and wrap this about you (snatching a cloak from the shoulders of one of the men). And now, good father, tell me who did this?"いぅド盲"Please your noble grace, that man lies. I found that parchment in an hostelry-yard at Gloucester, six years ago—I know it by the seals; and that John Oakley told me it was an old lease of no use, and so I gave it to him."╅慨


      �啸ゥう澶瘠言�いゥるぅ钷いThey walked on rapidly through the forest, but neither spoke. Black Jack, hardened as he was, was not altogether at ease in thus betraying a confiding man; and this feeling was not lessened by the suspicions Margaret had expressed, and he endeavoured to deceive even himself into a belief that he should have been better pleased if the yeoman had taken the wife's advice. However, he resolved, as he hurried on, that he would be well paid for so troublesome an affair. Holgrave was not more composed. In despite of what he considered his better judgment, he could not help being, in some measure, imbued with the fears of his wife; and, as he followed his silent conductor, a thousand indistinct apprehensions floated in his mind.蓼陇袱イ氓


      �せイThe lady Isabella's application to the abbot had been attended with as little effect. Sudbury had met with readiness the overtures of reconciliation, and in accordance with her desire, had interrogated the monk; but Father John evaded his questions with a firmness which gave offence to his superior, and convinced De Boteler and his lady, that he knew much more than he chose to reveal. Spies were set about his path, but nothing was gained—nothing discovered to prove that any communication existed between the fugitive, Holgrave, and the obdurate ecclesiastic.かて�丐ぬc

      �いΕパ"By the green wax! steward, one would think the man was your property, you seem so anxious—but now tell me has any thing been ever heard of him?"ニ甙�グイど璬