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      "Oh, he's always polite to it; but he's--he's read Voltaire! Oh, yes, Voltaire, George Sand, all those men. He questions the Bible, Smith. Not to me, though; hah, he knows better! Smith, I can discuss religion and not get mad, with any one who don't question the Bible; but if he does that, I just tell you, I wouldn't risk my soul in such a discussion! Would you?"扛堀胴卖ポCHAPTER XIV.咕い�まぐ式



      �ョ单ぅ筏勒"We passed the ruins of forts and towers every few miles, and our guide pointed out some of the towers that were formerly used for conveying intelligence by means of signal-fires. They are now falling to pieces, and are of no further use.ヰ呢ゥ"'One piecee blind man healee best, maskee;偬`ろ钎啷ぅ

      �ヘⅴトシ�南"It's a very simple matter," said Captain B——, "when you know about it. The fact is, that we were once very near losing our lives by Chinese pirates, and we don't propose to have another risk like it."イ


      [Pg 390]い·榨粹旬イA JAPANESE BATH. A JAPANESE BATH.─げぅ鼎し

      �欷幛"Wonder if we shall ever see it again?"へピ胎"How on earth should I know?"テぅ

      "'T'hat young man die: one large dog see缧ぴ胨み澶咏�ヱイ违イ�挨妞ぅ审


      �ゥ菠ぅ苡ぎ�ゥゲ荪隶フ阍"The streets are not at all dirty, and in this respect are vastly different from those of any other city we have seen in China. The authorities evidently pay some attention to keeping them clean and preventing the accumulation of dirt. The fronts of many shops are fully open to the street, and the merchants know how to arrange their wares in the most tempting manner. You see lots of pretty things, and are constantly tempted to buy, and it was very well for us that we agreed not to buy anything till the last day, which we were to devote to shopping.べδぅぅ嘟ゃ

      "Of course, if they come and stay all day, they must have something to eat, and so I saw the reason of their having tea and other refreshments peddled about the house. Then there were men who sold books which gave an account of the play, and had portraits of some of the principal players. I suppose these books were really the bills of the play; and if we could have read them, we should have known something about the[Pg 234] performance more than we do now.柬ピホ阑珐�ぇ怼�シ揭