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      �ۤ¥Designing machines must have reference to adaptation, endurance, and the expense of construction. Adaptation includes the performance of machinery, its commercial value, or what the machinery may earn in operating; endurance, the time that machines may operate without being repaired, and the constancy of their performance; expense, the investment represented in machinery.ݫ�줤


      �।�ڤ7. The effect of pneumatic machinery in reducing insurance rates and danger of fire.ۥ齤

      �򤥥ǤI walked about a little longer to examine the damage done. The fine Pont des Arches was for the greater part destroyed by the retreating Belgians, as well as the Pont Maghin. This is a pity, especially as regards the first-named bridge, so famous as a work of art, and the more so as other bridges had not been touched and could be used by the Germans. The bombardment did not damage the town to any great extent, but it was remarkable that the largest houses had suffered most.楤�ᤢ


      �ޤ2. The percussive force of spouting water can be fully utilised if its motion is altogether arrested by the vanes of a wheel.˥ͥפ

      They never left Louvain. On August 25th information was sent to the Leo XIII Institution for Philosophy, a building turned into a hospital, that a hundred wounded men might be expected towards evening. That evening began the wild shooting and burning of houses by the Germans, and soon a large number of wounded was taken to the Institution. Suddenly Professor Noyons recognised one of his servants among the wounded who were brought to him for treatment. She had three bullets in her side. After having bandaged her wounds, he hurried away to his house, in order to see what had happened.ŤThis is one theory of the principle upon which the Barker wheel operates, which has been laid down in Vogdes' "Mensuration," and perhaps elsewhere. The other theory alluded to is that, direct action and reaction being equal, ponderable matter discharged tangentally from the periphery of a wheel must create a reactive force equal to the direct force with which the weight is thrown off. To state it more plainly, the spouting water that issues from the arm of a Barker wheel must react in the opposite course in proportion to its weight.ԡᤥThe town was full of soldiers, and I had great trouble to find lodgings. "Tout est pris par les Allemands" ("Everything is taken by the Germans") was the answer I got everywhere, with the result111 that I was still hunting for a bedroom after six o'clock, although nobody was then allowed in the streets. I was stopped at every turn, and after explaining my case got a hint to hurry up.

      "What?"եThe hotel where I stayed that night was called H?tel de la Paix; an hotel of peace, indeed!ܤAnother object gained by equal action on both sides of large pieces is the quality of the forgings produced, which is generally improved by the rapidity of the shaping processes, and injured by too frequent heating.



      "It is as I tell you!"٥�Fifth.—Shrinkage; the allowance that has to be made for the contraction of castings in cooling, in other words, the difference between the size of a pattern and the size of the casting. This is a simple matter apparently, which may be provided for in allowing a certain amount of shrinkage in all directions, but when the inequalities of shrinkage both as to time and degree are taken into account, the allowance to be made becomes a problem of no little complication.饤ީ