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      �宸� 悭OHer last and only constant love affair was with the poet Lemercier, whose devotion never changed until her death in 1820, when she was forty-two years of age.とフゥ徘

      �廿啷�イゥ长In education, principles, conduct, and nationality, they were absolutely different, but each of them was typical of the time, the class, and the party to which she belonged.イⅳぅゥ吖荬


      Vont changer de conduite, amen.イ啸ずSociety was much larger here than at St. Petersburg, where it seemed almost to form one family, every one being related to each other.埽ゾい咒戎She lived opposite the palace, and could see the Empress open a window and throw food to flocks of crows that always came for it; and in the evenings when the salons were lighted up she could watch her playing hide-and-seek and other games with her grandchildren and some of the court.ゥま嗓モ

      She was still very young when her father sent her to Paris with her brothers to complete their education, in the charge of an old abbé, their tutor, but to be also under the care of the Marquis de Boisgeloup and his wife, old friends of their father, in whose family they were to live. When they arrived they found that the Marquis de Boisgeloup, Seigneur de la Manceliève and conseiller du Roi et du parlement, had just died.ゥˉぅ“You are Mme. Le Brun, who paints with such perfection, and we are all very glad to know that you are far away from those wicked people.”ねオイゥ哎A fortnight after the marriage she no longer cared about her husband, and soon afterwards she caught the small-pox.━陇ぅづ毳


      �伐繁ヮゥヂMme. de Tourzel asserts that La Fayette helped to irritate the mob against him, and that he was afraid of de Favras’ intrigues against himself, as he was accused of plotting to murder Necker, Bailly, and La Fayette.ブ悭椁逃


      �∧浈崴いい亭And the loyal subjects joined in supplication for the captive, desolate child who was now Louis XVII.à ゥイい�ぅ


      [275]イ氓いイ`�イピゥ栅Quite another sort of woman was the Duchesse de Fleury, with whom Lisette formed an intimate friendship. The Duchess, née Aimée de Coigny, was a true type of the women of a certain set at the old French court, and her history was one [98] only possible just at the time in which it took place.ぅぅ缇ン

      It having come to his knowledge that a plot was preparing for another massacre in the prisons on pretence of conspiracy among the prisoners, whose names and lives were at the mercy of the spies within and the police and gaolers without, he contrived by paying a hundred louis to get his own and Mme. de Coigny’s liberation, and after the Terror was over they married and went to England for their honeymoon. At the end of two months they were tired of each other, came back to Paris and were divorced, and the Baronne de Montrond again resumed the name of Coigny.イ┾いぅぅ需Adrienne had never opposed his going. Divided between her grief at their separation, her sympathy with his dreams and ideas, and her dislike to oppose his wishes, she, though nearly heartbroken, pretended to be cheerful, stifled her tears, and forced herself to smile and laugh, though her love for him was such that she said she felt as if she would faint when he left her even for a short time, a few hours.钉横イ虚�フ篇丹ぷ铳イ